A Message From The Managing Director

Clearwater Special Projects is a name synonymous with the Specialist Security business.

Our name and reputation is now part of a global identity of excellence that strives towards new levels of security professionalism.

This website is dedicated to asset protection, a much needed service in today's challenging business world.

Protection of cargo of distinction, jewellery, trade secrets, equestrian bloodlines, patents and film stock are only a few examples of assets that require specialist security support.

Logistical challenges can be prohibitive to the safe passage of your assets and only through the use of a trusted network of unique individuals who are dedicated to asset protection can you have the reassurance that your assets are safe.

Our Clients are unique too as this is not a standard security service provision. Brand reputation is everything even more so in an age of economic challenge where not just our Clients but our Clients' Clients will expect the very best.

Timeline delivery expectation, economics and political circumstance can have a positive and sometimes a detrimental effect to the safe running of your business. We know and understand this and that the protection of your assets and brand identity are key to your reputation and repeat business.

We provide an exclusive service to top end business; from the protection of your property to the protection of a document to the protection of your unique designs prior to patent. In a competitive world your competitors may seek your knowledge and the protection of your designs could be vital to the development of your business.

If you would like to speak with us please do so and our contact details are at the top of this page, all enquiries are in the strictest of confidence.

For other specialist VIP security services please do visit our website www.clearwaterprojects.com for further information.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you every support in business.

Yours sincerely

Kevin Horak
Managing Director

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